Nutritional Coaching Boat Method: What is it?

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Do you fit the prescriptive model of nutrition? Does it make sense to you that a person’s life should fit into a dietary prescription? Are you interested in lifestyle medicine? If you said yes to any of the previous questions, we need to introduce you to the Nutritional Coaching Boat Method, which seeks add to the nutritionist through tools and instrumentalization that make you able to help your patient in changing eating habits beyond their knowledge of nutritional calculation and body composition.

Or Lancha Method – Modern Nutrition Coaching Nutrition, developed by Luciana Lancha , aims to guide nutritionists on a journey in which, in the end, they will be able to generate more motivation, connection, empathy and results in your patientsthrough scientific tools that work to break resistance and objections imposed in the office.

That said, you might be wondering which nutritionists the Speedboat Method is for. And, of course, we answer you: for everyone. Whether for that professional who is starting in the care, or for those who wish to live a repechage and return to the area of nutrition or, finally, those who wish to add even more knowledge to their vast experience.

How Does the Boat Method Work?

The Lancha Method makes you a highlight in the professional market, since you are trained to apply more than thirty Nutritional Coaching tools that, in addition to theory, are approached with clinical practice and discussions among the class. In addition, all content taught live is recorded and made available on the platform for you to review wherever and whenever you want, and access to classes and material extends for two years. Other than that, you also participate in an exclusive WhatsApp group that works as a means for resolving doubts and also valuable networking among students. And, at the end of the course you receive your certificate printed at home accounting for more than 60 hours of extremely relevant and specialized content.

Basis of the Speedboat Method

The Method is composed of 3 pillars that address different aspects of the career of the health professional, especially nutritionists and doctors. These pillars are divided into the Individualized Nutrition and Orientation Program (PONI) where the most technical content of nutrition that is used daily in care such as body composition assessment, prescriptions, types of diet and etc. is addressed. Later we have the Career Development Program, in which issues about communication, marketing and personal development are addressed. Finally, the Side by Side Program with Coaching Techniques which will address more than 30 coaching techniques applied to nutrition so that you can increase the patient’s motivation, as well as their engagement in the process of change, dealing with resistance, relapses and empowerment at all times.

What is the content covered in the Boat Method?

In the Method, you will learn to stand shoulder to shoulder with your patient/client, discovering what really motivates you and how we, healthcare professionals, can effectively contribute to a transformation process.

Thinking about it, so that you can build a reasoning about Nutritional Coaching and Nutrition, the Boat Method comes with a cProgrammatic onteúdo thinking from basic to advanced, that is, they will be approached coaching skills and tools, questions about eating behavior, the myths that hover the world of nutrition, you will also have access to studies on empathy and motivation that will prepare you for direct work with patients, as well as entrepreneurship and leadership in nutrition.

Through this spectacular grid and through genuine exchanges, Luciana Lancha, teacher, speaker, writer, master and doctor fulfills the mission of developing in nutritionists characteristics such as discipline, fulfillment of goals, as well as a more careful and humanized treatment with their clients, guaranteeing them even more personal and professional fulfillment.

Therefore, if you want to be part of this unique team of nutritionists specialized in Nutritional Coaching, enroll

in Class 15 of the Boat Method that will take place in May.

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