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What is it?

The mind can be defined as the set of mental faculties that form phenomena that include thoughts, emotions, feelings, memory and human wills, however it is necessary to consider that its definition is still uncertain in the face of its complexity.

What’s the mind for?

It is through this that the human being has the possibility to control their behaviors and functions of the body, such as the contraction of voluntary muscles. Thus, it is the abstract part that determines the actions that must be exercised by the brain. In addition to its main function is the ability of intelligence and reasoning that the mind provides to the individual.

How does the mind work?

It works in the sense of producing beliefs, feeling of pain, pleasure, desire, perception of space and time. That is, it is related to the brain aspects of the human body that encompass cognitive functions, with the intellect being a determining factor for human behaviors. Therefore, it is possible to realize that its functioning can be to give in conscious or unconscious form, allowing the human being to obtain information, create and make its processing in addition to storing in memory.

Care that should be taken

It is in the mind that phobias, beliefs and fears are recorded and care for the mind encompasses comprehensive care, that is, care for the individual as a whole. Thus a healthy lifestyle that involves good diet, physical exercise and stress management are fundamental to have a healthy mind.


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