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What are they?

It is that sports practitioner, it can be professionally or not, the latter being commonly called an amateur athlete. However, there is no specific distinction in the Portuguese language between athletes and sportsmen.

What are athletes for?

An athlete is the individual who practices a sport with the objective of performance, interaction between peoples and mainly seeking collective or individual results in competitions.

How do athletes work?

Professional athletes generally have employment ties with sports-promoting institutions, often sponsored. While amateurs sometimes participate in competitions but do not have an employment relationship and compete for personal fulfillment, well-being, leisure and health.

When do you need to supplement?

Due to the high level of training and strenuous exercise, it is appropriate to indicate supplements aimed at muscle recovery as phenolic compounds, increased muscle and strength as creatine are universally used. In addition to these, supplementation of carbohydrates and medium-chain triglycerides in certain modalities are also useful.


Reading suggestion:
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