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What is it?

Bodybuilding is a strength training that comprises physical exercises performed with weight or not, usually performed in gyms.

What’s bodybuilding for?

Bodybuilding acts positively on bone, mental and weight loss health, but mainly in the development of muscles, generating hypertrophy, because when performing the exercise muscle fibers are ruptured, generating damage and triggering in a favorable environment the entire hypertrophy process. Bodybuilding increases strength, endurance, fitness and acts by preventing diseases.

How does bodybuilding work?

Training varies depending on the level of training of the individual: beginner, intermediate or advanced. Since the indication of performance is usually 1 time a day lasting between one to one and a half hours and in this exercises are divided by sets that vary in the number of repetitions. In addition, variables such as cadence, range of motion and load are used in this modality.

When do you need to supplement?

In addition to the variables that involve physical training itself, nutritional variables can be worked on, that is, for the hypertrophic process to occur the supply of nutrients must be adequate since the individual must, necessaryly, be in a caloric surplus. However, not only the supply of calories should be monitored, but also the proportion and quality of these macro and micronutrients, in the care of the protein content of the diet. In this context, one of the most used supplements by bodybuilding practitioners is Whey Protein which provides, on average, 26 grams of protein at each dose. In addition, other supplements such as pre-workouts and creatine can be used.


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