Sports nutrition

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What is it?

Sports nutrition is a subarea within nutrition that works dietary techniques that aid in the performance of the individual in sports.

What is sports nutrition for?

Sports nutrition has the function of promoting the good nutritional status of the individual in the most different phases of competition (maintenance, competition and recovery), in addition to promoting education and nutritional guidance, guidelines for the execution of the food plan, developing strategies for increasing muscle mass and improving performance among other functions.

How does sports nutrition work?

It is up to the sports nutritionist to monitor and evaluate biochemical, anthropometric parameters and carry out the food planning of the athlete and sportsmen. It is also responsible for requesting biochemical tests, prescribing dietary supplements, identifying the athlete’s energy expenditure and performing the appropriate prescription.

When do you need to supplement?

The prescription of nutritional supplements as well as foods that have strategic purposes is the responsibility of the nutritionist and must comply with all current laws, having scientific evidence that underscores its use.


CFN Resolution No. 600 Nutritionists, C. F. (2018). CFN Resolution No. 600 of February 25, 2018. It provides for the definition of the areas of activity of the nutritionist and its attributions, indicates minimum numerical parameters of reference, by area of activity, for the effectiveness of the services provided to society and provides other measures. Official Gazette of the Union,
, 1-55.

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