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What is it?

Training is the action of training, that is, preparing for something.

What’s the training for?

The training serves to empower, instruct and enable the individual to perform some task, which is done from guidance and instructions so that the individual can complete a certain activity and seek progress.

How does training work?

During a training process the individual acquires skills, skills and knowledge. Currently, the term is a denomination widely used in sports, referring to the process in which the individual performs physical exercises from a given goal. During this process there are adaptations to the stimuli promoted by the athlete’s training in order to improve physical conditioning.

When do you need to supplement?

Supplementation is done from each training modality, for example, sprinters benefit from creatine supplementation because it is a high intensity and short-lived sport. Regarding, bodybuilders benefit from protein supplementation with regard to proper protein supply for myofibrillar synthesis. In addition, cyclists benefit from carbohydrate supplementation for energy supply during exercise. Therefore, supplementation is made from the modality and the training phase in which the individual is.


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