What is Performance?

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What is it?

The way someone behaves when performing something is synonymous with acting, representation and performance. This concerns the results that individuals achieve by applying their motor, sensory capabilities of strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination. Moreover, in nutrition the term performance is associated with sports performance, that is, what concerns the individual’s performance in a given sport.

How to optimize performance?

Actions such as nutritional, psychological monitoring, food planning, periodization of training done by a physical education professional and sleep quality are determining factors for good performance, as well as external factors such as climate and altitude.

When to use supplements?

To achieve a high performance, carbohydrate supplementation may be interesting because it has a direct relationship with sports performance, being indicated mainly for endurance sports. These can be found as drinks or energy bars, in addition to traditional foods such as paçoca and rapadura that can be used during exercise. In addition, beet juice proved effective because it contains nitrate that is converted to nitric oxide, increasing the time of exhaustion to exercise.


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