Vegetable Meats as a Solution for Inflammation

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The demand for non-animal-based foods is growing around the world. The urgency for a more sustainable and adequate consumption without aggression to the planet and animals, makes new products are developed to meet this demand. In this way, vegetable meats are increasingly consumed and the question arises: Are vegetable meats able to reduce inflammation? We’ll find out next.

What are vegetable meats?

Initially this term refers to vegan or vegetarian products that have been developed from plants, are the alternative proteins based on plants or popularly known as vegetable meats. In the United States alone in the year 2019 more than $900 million was invoiced from the sales of these products. Therefore, the growing consumption arouses curiosity in the general population and in the scientific community about the potential risks or benefits in the consumption of vegetable meats.

Interpreting Literature

A randomized clinical trial looked at consumption of plant-based meats and compared it with red (animal) meat intake associated with a cardiometabolic risk in healthy adults. In this study, high levels of trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) strong biochemical marker related to inflammation in red meat consumers. However, during the 8-week period, study participants consumed about 2 servings of plant-based meat or red meat per day.

Thus, as a result of the biochemical analyses, inflammatory markers such as IL 6, IL-18, TNF, IL-12B and IL-10 showed no reduction between the groups. Therefore, it is not possible to say that the replacement of red meat by vegetable meat is able to reduce inflammation alone. However, the consumption of a plant-based diet has several health benefits because it is rich in fruits and vegetables that have essential nutrients and phytochemicals.

Clinical practice

Thus, the reduction in the consumption of red meat is mainly related to the desire for a more conscious and sustainable food consumption. Although they did not present in the study addressed a reduction in inflammatory parameters, the intake of vegetable meats does not present potential health risks and may be beneficial the gut microbiota. Thus, adopting a balanced and healthy diet that includes several food sources should be the priority of the professional nutritionist.

Bibliographic references

Read more about the topic:

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