Andréia Friques will hold the IAF Conference with Science Play

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Andreia Friques is a reference nutritionist in maternal-infant who works in the area of health of pregnant women, children and adolescents. Without a shadow of a doubt, he has been fulfilling his mission by actually making a difference in his generation, just as he set out to do at the beginning of his career.. President of the Brazilian Association of Maternal and Child Nutrition – Abranmi and creator and coordinator of the first Post-Graduation in Maternal and Child Nutrition in Clinical and Orthomolecular Practice in Brazil.

She is also a PhD in Physiological Sciences from the Federal University of Espírito Santo, Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nutritionist, Nurse, specialist in Neonatology, Education and Maternal and Child Nutrition. And now, it will hold the IAF Conference with Science Play.

Andreia Friques and Science Play

It will be a new journey with the creation of the IAF Conference, a new and completely exclusive congress that will bring together the best professionals in the field of maternal and child nutrition and that, in addition to focusing on technical content and providing valuable networking, will extensively address clinical practice.

With this in mind, Andreia Friques in a partnership with Science Play, prepared the event that will take place on May 25, 26 and 27 in São Paulo, at Novotel Center Norte.. It will feature 16 lectures and pre-congress addressing topics about Fertility / Infertility, Pregnancy, Epigenetics, Child Health, Nutrition and Supplementation and, to close with a golden key, a content aimed at the professional to achieve a successful career.

IAF Conference: who is already confirmed?

In addition, at the end of the event the professional is certified for his presence and also receives an e-book with a summary of all the content covered, plus bonus class with Andreia on nutrition and supplementation in pregnant women and children.

In the Pre-Congress, Andreia Friques will address the maternal-child office, protocols for fertility, pregnancy and childhood. While in Congress, we have confirmed:

  • Dr. Cláudia Antunes in “The look of the nutritionist in intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) – evaluation of ultrasound and conducts”
  • Dr. Ariana Yang in “Oral Provocation Test in Cow’s and Egg Milk Allergies: How to Conduct?”
  • Dr. Tássia Rodrigues in “Challenges of prematurity: from the ICU to the office”
  • Dr. Rachel Francischi in “Clinical follow-up of vegan children and adolescents”
  • Dr. Cristhiane Tozzo in “Gestational losses: how to intervene?”
  • Dr. Francine Milani in “Integrative Therapies in Autism: Science and Clinical Practice”
  • Dr. Fernanda Catharino in “Breastfeeding, epigenetics and childhood obesity: is there a relationship?”
  • Dr. Priscila Maximino in “Food Introduction x Food Selectivity, with so much information, are we still getting it wrong?”
  • Dr. Alessandra Feltre in “Women’s Health 40+: what can nutrition do?”
  • Dr. Eric Slywitch in “Homocysteine: Multifactorial Marker with Influence on Infertility and Pregnancy”
  • Andreia Friques in “The key point to achieve success”
  • In addition to a round table focused on business talk accompanied by Brunno Falcão and Roberta Carbonari.

How do I not lose?

So if you were interested, run and
secure your application.
, because the last event organized by Andreia Friques, had 1200 people and sold out. So, imagine our event that will be SUPER EXCLUSIVE and only for 350 people?

It’s sure sold-out!

Study suggestions on maternal-infant:
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Learn all about the IAF Conference here.

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