What does an academic league of nutrition do?

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An Academic League is an independent organization of the undergraduate course that is not for profit, has unlimited duration, secular, nonpartisan, autonomous and scientific character, composed of undergraduate students and at least one teacher (mentor) who oversees all activities performed by the League.

A League has its own status, management and management. Its purpose is to promote activities aimed primarily at its members, but, extensively, to all academics. As stated, without the distribution of material benefits and also any dividends to its participants.

Activities of an academic league:

  • Promote integration among undergraduate students, teachers and nutrition professionals, as well as with other health professionals;
  • Bring together nutrition students interested in learning and discussing topics relevant to sports nutrition;
  • Valuing, encouraging and exploring students’ interest in research, providing greater access to the execution of scientific papers, allowing earlier contact with the practice of sports nutrition;
  • Promote greater progress and dissemination of knowledge in the area, through the promotion of courses, scientific meetings, reading articles, conferences and other related modalities with the faculty, student, and other invited professionals;
  • Develop studies and scientific research on the area of sports nutrition;
  • Disseminate through publications, the results achieved during the activities of the League;
  • Complement the training of the nutrition student in sports nutrition and related activities. Allowing the development of skills and competencies relevant to the profession;
  • Carry out projects in order to expand the knowledge acquired in theoretical classes.

The lack of financial benefits does not imply a lack of benefits in general. On the contrary, an League provides numerous opportunities and other forms of enrichment. It can be decisive in the career of a professional in training.

In the sports context, for example, this impact is even more evident since graduations, in general, do not dedicate an expressive workload to sports nutrition. So, cabe to the student to look for alternative ways to delve into the subject. Therefore, academic sports nutrition leagues are organizations that will meet these expectations/needs.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that academics are accompanied at all times by at least one member of the faculty of the university or college to which the league is affiliated. Thus, ensuring the quality and quality of what is done.

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