What is Palestre•se?

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New speakers with much more stage performance and different mindset. Before understanding what ‘ palestre•se is, one of the reflections of the digital transformation, where the media tend to enhance visibility, notoriety and reach is undoubtedly an increasingly heated and thirsty market for inforappleor. This makes the training of speakers indispensable to professionals and teachers who wish to transmit scientific messages. However, it is necessary that it master tools and techniques that will help them to pass such information clearly and assertively.

In this context, a speaker training program comes as an effective means to train in a specialized way those who can not only communicate science, but also democratize knowledge and access to information. Since, the health professional needs to have the ability to translate science into its simplest and most objective form so that its voice is not overlapthed by an influencer without technical foundations.

What is Palestre•se?

For this reason, Brunno Falcão elaborated the Palestre•se , which is currently considered the only immersion in Brazil for speakers in the health area. Fact that, in turn, was tested and approved by doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and pharmacists. Its name already makes it suggestive that the focus of this immersion is aimed at speakers who want to succeed in their careers and climb the biggest stages in Brazil. In addition, immersion also covers tools to help you increase your contact list, networking, improve your focus on both the spiritual and mental part, learn strategies for digital products, courses, mentoring and even write a book.

Therefore, considering that the CEO of Palestre•accumulates more than 20 years working in the market of congresses, courses and lectures, we are facing one of the largest networkings in the professional market in the scientific and practical community worldwide, which makes the watchword for participants an opportunity.

Palestre•se or an oratory course?

Still, with the popularization of oratory courses, there is a tendency to confuse such methods. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that communication and oratory courses have the prerogative to eliminate the fear of public speaking, while Palestre•is intended to put you on stage so that you can optimize your performance on stage and career.

So if you are afraid or phobia of public speaking this immersion is not for you. Her your safety will be worked out, through tools that will generate more and more confidence during your talk and although it is normal to feel anxiety or insecurity before teaching a class, if you have a feeling that goes beyond even preventing you from performing, it is not the focus of the project to work them.

Furthermore, one of the structural pillars of Palestre•se is lifelong learning, that is, from the moment health professional understands his position as eternal apprentice considering that studies are being carried out in an increasingly accelerated way, it is evident the need to continuously improve knowledge and skills in order to face challenges and participate in an incessant vocational and professional development process.

Moreover, success leaves traces and training is the common piece found in the journey of successful keepers, so pursue such tracks.

It’s for you to have more performance on stage and career

That’s Palestre•se | you on stage

Class 4 will begin on 28/07 and we also already have a class scheduled for October. If you want to learn more about immersion, be sure to follow our CEO and mentor of speakers
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