Date in Pregnancy: Is it allowed?

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Women’s desire for an increasingly humanized birth is growing, done in the most natural way possible. In this sense, alternatives to traditional medicine for a safe delivery are sought, with minimal administration of pharmaceutical drugs. Thus, many pregnant women use the consumption of dates during pregnancy. But is such a practice really effective? Find out here if dates can be consumed during pregnancy.

Nutritional Composition of the Date

The use of the fruit of the tamer (
Phoenix dactylifera L.
) is very indicated by midwives, in addition to other herbal products that provide the mother with a sense of control over childbirth. The date is a fruit that holds excellent nutritional quality, has in its composition carbohydrates , fibers and micronutrients important for good fetal development, in addition to assisting maternal health. The fruit is rich in riboflavin, thiamine, ascorbic acid, biotin and folic acid, the latter, one of the micronutrients indispensable for proper closure of the neural tube of the fetus.

Dates Benefits

Moreover, the best known benefit is about childbirth. Data indicate that the Date intake at the end of pregnancy influences increased uterine dilation, as well as reduces the need for induction of childbirth, through the use of medicines such as prostaglandins and synthetic oxytocin, by intravenous administration. One study demonstrated that there was no significant difference in the time of delivery, but that the consumption of dates is able to reduce the latent phase and also the use of medications.

Induction into labor may pose a risk to fetal maternal health, generating rupture of membranes and greater bleeding, uterine hyperstimulation and consequently higher probability of cesarean deliveries. Studies show that the date has an activity antibacterial, antifungaleffect neuroprotective, in addition to contributing to the development of atherosclerosis and mutagenic activities in cells.

Clinical practice

The consumption of dates is recommended between the 36th and 38th gestational week, in order to reduce labor. In addition, this consumption influences the intestinal health of pregnant women, since these suffer from constipation during this period. In this sense, the study presents a safe consumption of 60 to 75 grams of date per day. Thus, it is possible to state that pregnant women can consume dates during pregnancy.

Reading suggestion:
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Consumption of date at term:
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