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What is it?

Minerals are chemical elements that perform major functions in the human body, being indispensable for the development and health of individuals. In addition, existing studies point to the need to monitor food trends that could lead to their disabilities with adverse consequences for the health of the population and the development of our country, such as low food consumption
consumption of
ultra-processed products.

What are minerals for?

Each mineral has a specific and important function in the body, so it is important that everyone is in adequate quantities, so that one can have the vital functions preserved. Iron deficiency, for example, is one of the main factors leading to anemia, and low consumption of iode can lead to goiter and low levels of selenium cause dysregulation of the thyroid gland.

How do minerals work?

With the current consumption of the Brazilian and world population
being low in fresh foods, such as fruits
, vegetables and vegetables, cereals, oilseeds and legumes, and high in ultra-processed high sodium, saturated fat and sugar, there is a tendency to deficiency of several
minerals found mainly in natura
. These should be made the basis of their feeding to ensure the proper functioning of the body in the long term.

How to evaluate?

An effective way to detect mineral deficiency is by uniting several analyses: nutritional (through food consumption questionnaires compared with reference standards values), clinical (through signs and symptoms) and biochemical (with laboratory tests specific to that mineral that appears to be deficient, and subsequent supplementation in safe and effective doses).

When do you need to supplement?

It is important to carry out biochemical tests regularly in order to detect any possible deficiency. When detected, supplementation should always be individualized for the patient according to their age, gender, reference values and amount that one wants to achieve. The use of multivitamins with minerals may not cover specific deficiency or even reach higher limits that may cause toxicity of the compounds.


Article: COZZOLINO, Silvia Maria Franciscato. Mineral deficiencies. Advanced studies, v. 21, p. 119-126, 2007.

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minerals for the functioning of the immune system?

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