What is Science Play?

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Science Play is a scientific/practical portal and a platform of face-to-face and digital experience, which was founded in 2016 with the proposal to revolutionize the way education is done in the area of health, as it focuses on production of content that goes beyond the purely technical and theoretical vision for nutritionists, doctors and the personal trainer. Here, the biggest capital is you, student. But maybe you ask yourself:

Why Science Play?

We started with the intention of being the “Netflix of nutrition, medicine and physical education”, but today we are many more than that. In the last year alone, we have produced more than 8 editions of events and 20 national and international webinars, we create more than 120 E-books of scientific /practical content, launch 17 classes of courses, mentoring and online certifications and have our content HUB, in which we produce qualified content for some of the largest companies in the segment.

In addition to the education proposal, we have a team of specialists who develop qualified content for health professionals and companies, we carry out digital product planning thinking from strategic planning, the final stage of the launch to customer monitoring, so we are pioneers in the realization of face-to-face, online and hybrid events that enable the congressman to even have the experience of “visiting” booths online, in addition to our content platform that brings together the best congresses, courses, videos and lectures in the market.

In the case of events, Science Play stands out for being responsible for the production of the Arnold Conference, Nutrition Brazil, Microbiota Club, Meeting of Efficient Nutrition, Palestre•se, We Nutrition Conference and a mentoring and networking group with the best professionals in Brazil, called golden group, among others.

In addition, Science Play is also a pioneer in launching International Certifications approved by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for several professional areas, such as the International Certification in Integrative and Personalized Nutrition (CINIP), International Certification in Sports Nutrition (CINE), International Certification in Sports Medicine and Health (CIMES) and International Certification in Personal Trainer (CIPT).

That’s Science Play. Anytime, everywhere.

To access our platform, click here.

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