Congresses: Why shouldn’t you lose?

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The congresses are basically a meeting of professionals from a certain area, and aim to debate and explore a theme through a more objective and scientific context.

They are different from symposia or seminars. So, symposia take place in just one day, and aim to discuss the technical opinion of an expert on a subject. The seminars, on the other hand, have the presence of a speaker who, after presenting his ideas to the public, media debates on the subject. Thus, ideas are presented in a seminar, while opinions are discussed in the symposia.

Congresses: What do you get by going to one?

Now that we’ve clarified what exactly a congress is, let’s determine why it would be beneficial to go to one later this semester:

Meet people

First, since it is a broad event with respected professionals in the area, when comparing to such an event, you will not only increase your repertoire with the best, as you will also have the chance to meet them. In addition to meeting people with the same interests as you, since you will be at an event on a specific topic of your area. So you can work on your
and forming new relationships and working partnerships.

Aggregate in the curriculum

Another point that we can think about is the fact that congresses usually generate certificates, which can be presented in your curriculum and add experience in your career.


Speaking of experiences, congresses generate repertoires beyond the curriculum, and bring much more property when we want to deal with a certain theme. In addition, when we talk about nutrition, which has endless possibilities of acting, knowing the specialties and new points of view on a certain topic is essential to determine which area of the profession you will choose.

New places

By entering more into the topic of specifically international congresses, one can talk about the bonus that is to be able to know new amazing places and different cultures. Further increasing the repertoire and experience in general.


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