Ergogenic Resources

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What is it?

Ergogenic resources include any training technique, mechanical support, nutritional practice, pharmacological method, or psychological technique that helps improve exercise performance, improve training adaptation, or aid your recovery.

What is ergogenic resources for?

Nutritional ergogenic aids are typically ingested orally and contain nutritional ingredients whose goals are to improve athletes’ performance and prevent unwanted effects of exercise, such as muscle fatigue, dehydration or loss of physical abilities.

How do ergogenic resources work?

Some of the best known ergogenic features are dietary supplements such as Whey Protein, caffeine (which can be ingested in coffee, capsules or even caffeinated masquering gums), creatine, beta-alanine, baking soda, nitrates (commonly being used beet juice as a source), sodium citrate and glycerol. These resources can be used alone or jointly, which is quite common. In this case, athletes ingest more than one supplement daily and can get combined effects.

When do you need to supplement?

The supplementation of ergogenic resources is more common in elite athletes than in amateur athletes, but can be performed when one wishes to increase performance and according to the sport practiced. Creatine, for example, will have more effect on athletes who practice strength and explosion exercises, so it will hardly have the same effect in sports that do not involve these skills. It is always important to evaluate with your nutritionist or doctor the need for supplementation.


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