We Nutrition Conference: Why can’t you sports nutrition lover stay out?

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The WorldWide Nutrition Conference (WE Nutrition Conference) is already scheduled for March 18, 2023. The event aims to spread knowledge with the best of the sports nutrition area in the world, since it has great names of science, commanded by one of the greatest researchers in history, Asker Jeukendrup. This edition will also feature major international names such as Jack Raglin, Nanci Guest, Bart Roelands, Francis Holway, Wim Derave, Javier Gonzales and Robert Olek.

Known for always innovating in its productions, Science Play comes up with a new proposal for this conference. She will have a gamification system, in which participants who join the game during the course of the conference accumulate points that guarantee incredible prizes. Another point is, don’t you master another language? It’s no big deal. WE Nutrition, although online, will be translated simultaneously into Spanish and Portuguese.

In addition, the content addressed will focus on supplementation and conversation with the most varied audiences, be it practitioner or athlete who wants to acquire knowledge to improve their performance, students who wish to improve their knowledge in sports nutrition and also nutritionists, physical education professionals, doctors and skiers who seek to answer questions about the theme.

In addition, when it comes to the structure, the lectures that take place live will be recorded and made available on a platform for 60 days, in addition to extra content and an exclusive pre-conference for participants.

This is an opportunity for you to learn from experts and world leaders in sports nutrition. To secure your spot,
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