The 5 pillars of maximum performance to nutritionist and doctor

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1 – Contagion with right group of people

Being with people looking for growth is critical to maximum performance. The environment always wins and when you get close to companies that pull you down, it can be a big hindrance to grow. Always be surrounded by people who seek to be better, who walk to the top, as it is certainly a crucial step towards success. So keep in mind that the ecosystem always wins, leads them to choose to be with the right people. Therefore, try to be alongside people who can add to your growth.

2 – Immersion in technical content

Technical knowledge is the basics for any professional in performance. The information and content live in constant change and if you do not seek to update yourself, you become an incomplete professional. Therefore, to understand that the search for learning will always be part of your trajectory is to leave the ego aside and understand that you will never know everything. The complete professional is always updating himself and not only in scientific content. It searches for content that can also guide you to be a better professional. In which you can understand your weaknesses, and skills and propel yourself on top of that. Being part of the Golden group is an excellent opportunity to always be on top of the updates, participate in congresses with relevant lectures, always in search of personal and professional evolution.

3 – Lived experiences

As well as technical knowledge, experiences are important for maximum performance. Do not be a professional only theoretical, it is important to discuss and interact with other professionals in the environment, share knowledge and experiences. Always seek to be your best, the experiences lived since the beginning of your journey also have great impact on the professional you are today. The trajectory is long and there will always be new learning. Theory is fundamental, but practical experience is certainly a great point to realize knowledge.

4 – Mentoring with the right people

Learn from people who can aggregate for your success. Mentoring with the right people can lead you to your full est potential. Seeking improvement, both personal and professional, is a sure path to success. In addition, mentoring is able to encourage and support the development of its own skills. And consequently, it can boost your performance towards the top. The Golden group can provide you with directions to the search for improvement. Being close to people who seek growth consequently drives you to become better at what you do. Thus being able to experience experiences “to another level”.

5 – Form a master mind composed of the best of its segment

Get inspired by the best, think big, seek your best always. Keep as a reference those who really seek to be exponential. To be a professional with maximum performance, it is very important to have a clear vision of the future. Find out where you want to get to and limit goals to make it happen. If your mind is focused on where you want to go, mirroring the right people, success is a consequence. Therefore, individuals involved in the same purpose to be achieved, are able to produce above average results. The Golden group can provide you with proximity to great references, which can leverage your career.

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