What are the advantages of shaving your tongue when you wake up?

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Shaving your tongue upon awakening is one of the essential practices in ayurveda’s daily routine and has gained a lot of visibility in recent years. Ayurveda is an old life science that focuses on prevention of diseases and therefore includes a systematic lifestyle pattern that consists of various activities throughout the day.

When you think about shaving your tongue upon awakening, ayurveda emphasizes the importance of personal hygiene to maintain and promote health. According to Ayurveda in the chapter of Dinacharya (daily regime), cleaning the tongue in the morning is one of the personal hygiene procedures that should be performed daily, because the tongue is the first activation of the digestive system.

Why shave your tongue?

1 – Promotes hygiene when removing bacterial plaques;

2 – Prevents bad breath and infections;

3 – Increases the sense of taste, avoiding food exaggerations.

4 – Modulation of the gastrointestinal tract;

5 – Improvement of the digestive system;

How to shave your tongue?

The recommendation is to use a stainless steel, copper, silver, or gold cleaner. Nevertheless do not use your toothbrush, because dirt can be driven deeper into your tongue and incorporated into your toothbrush. Gently shave from the back or base of the tongue forward, until you have scraped the entire surface of the tongue. After scraping, gare with hot water or at room temperature.


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