Are you a nutritionist and do groups on WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp has officially launched in Brazil, the “communities” for Android and iPhone (iOS). This is a tool that promises to innovate in the way of organizing groups according to themes, increase communication between people and further increase the power of reach of messages passed on within the groups, since now the information of a community has the capacity to reach about 5,000 people. In addition, whatsApp groups expanded to up to 1,024 participants.

Communities emerge allowing to encompass up to 50 groups without the participants communicating with each other, that is, thepenalties administrators can fire messages, functioning as a kind of “warning group”. Although people are able to view submitted content, you won’t be able to write responses to them or even view participants who are embedded within the community. That is, the participant has access only to who are the community administrators who are inserted.

In addition, while the reach of messages transmitted in communities has been vastly increased, WhatsApp remains secure protection with end-to-end encryption , so unlike Telegram, you won’t be able to search for existing communities or pick them up.

Recapping groups on WhatsApp

Only administrators will be able to send messages to community members through a warning group that is created simultaneously with community creation.

  • Each community can contain up to 50 existing groups.
  • Warning groups can contain up to 5,000 participants.
  • Community members will be able to communicate through smaller groups created or approved by administrators.
  • Forwarded messages can only reach one group at a time, rather than what happens today where each message can be forwarded concurrently to five groups. This is a tool that comes up with the intention of hindering the propagation of fake news.

In Practice

Communities emerge as a mechanism to facilitate the communication of the nutritionist with their patients and clients. Therefore, you can, for example, develop digital products and use communities as an official means of communication and warnings. Or use as a tool to spread information to your patients, dividing your audience according to the objectives, such as weight loss and hypertrophy and then triggering informationwith valuable content, making you always being seen, which further intensifies loyalty.

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