Does nutrition improve performance in crossfit?

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Crossfit is a training program of high motion variability and high intensity with supporters around the world. The exercises performed are a mixture of strength, endurance, Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, cycling and rowing, which require good physical and nutritional preparation of its practitioner. In this sense, many studies show that, through specific interventions, nutrition improves performance in crossfit and now, we’ll show you why.

Nutritional strategies in crossfit

Crossfit practitioners seek not only health, but also reduction of body fat and muscle mass gain, in addition to many participate in competitions in an amateur and even professional way. Thus, the nutritionist needs to define the best strategy to be made with your patient.

Ketogenic diet

A systematic review looked at nutritional strategies for crossfit in which the ketogenic diet with low carbohydrate content 6 weeks had an impact on body composition with concomitant reduction of weight and body fat (%BF). Associated with this, improvement scans and vertical jump tests were also observed, as well as a reduction in training time.


Carbohydrate intake (CHO) influences performance and the supply of this macronutrient can be modulated and periodized. The article showed that cho intake before training in the form of an energy drink, associated with the consumption of an energy drink rich in carbohydrates and proteins, resulted in an improvement in performance and the time of 800m of running, thus showing that the nutrition improves performance in crossfit.

Pea Whey X Protein

One study compared the intake of 24g of whey or pea protein in two groups before or after meals or training in order to verify the differences between them. As a result, they did not find significant difference regarding body composition in both groups. Thus, it is suggested that both the consumption of whey protein and pea, made in a systematized manner, promotes increased strength and higher performance for performing squatting and lifting land.

Which supplement to use?

This article showed that sodium bicarbonate supplementation for 10 days at values of 35 to 150 mg/kg improves performance by up to 6%. It also showed that supplementation of epigallocatechin, betaine and nitrate did not promote significant difference in the time and performance of the exercises, requiring further studies to validate the effectiveness of its use.

Caffeine supplementation can be a beneficial strategy to be used despite genotypic variations interfering with its action. Caffeine promotes ergogenic effect in the performance of the exercises being recommended an intake of about 280 mg/day according to the article.

Clinical practice

It is clear the importance of nutrition to support the performance and good performance of the individual crossfit practitioner. Therefore, nutritional periodization is a key tool of the nutritionist to assist in the sports development of the patient. Thus, in order for the patient’s objective to be achieved, strategies such as the manipulation of the amount of carbohydrates in the diet between 6 and 8 g/kg of weight per day can be adopted, especially in the pre-competition periods.

In addition, another fundamental point is that the right amount of proteins is provided, i.e., between 1.2 to 2 g/kg of weight per day in order to obtain a hypertrophic response. Allied to this, the nutritionist can make use of the use of some supplements and monitor nutritional strategies and monitor the athlete’s performance, with caffeine and baking soda.


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