Metabolic Health

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What is metabolic health?

Metabolic health concerns metabolic processes, that is, reactions that occur correctly in the body.

What is metabolic health for?

Having healthy metabolism means absence of pathologies such as diabetes, hypertension and metabolic syndrome. This, consequently reflects in a state of general well-being in the body that when added to a healthy environment, result in greater longevity for the individual.

How does metabolism work?

It comprises a set of reactions that can be for anabolism (construction) or catabolism (breakage), which tend to normally for healthy individuals. Since the physiological processes of digestion, respiration, excretion of metabolites and sweating, for example, need to be operating synergistically.

When do you need to supplement?

It is directly related to life habits. Thus, habits such as alcohol consumption, smoking and sedentary lifestyle are factors that worsen health and cause diseases. On the other hand, healthy lifestyle habits such as physical exercise, adequate nutrition are health promoters and protect metabolism.


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