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What is inflammation?

Inflammation comprises a cascade of reactions triggered by the immune system in response to infections or lesions that occur in the body, thus constituting an inflammatory profile that can be observed by several variations in the biochemical patterns of the individual.

What’s inflammation for?

The inflammation is an “attempt” of the body to eradicate aggressors and pathogenic microorganisms, in addition to promoting tissue repair in injured sites. When acute is beneficial in the sense of defense for the body and tissue reconstruction. However, when the inflammatory response is excessive and persistent, the functioning of organs and systems compromises, leading to the development of a series of inflammatory-based conditions such as lung diseases, multiple sclerosis, as well as low-grade chronic inflammation that corroborates the pathogenesis of obesity.

How does it work?

Inflammation generates pain, heat, flushing and edema, reactions promoted from the release of cytokines, active vessel amines of mast cells and macrophages, chemokines and metabolites of the complement system in order to eliminate the invading agents. The immune system cells and their byproducts are called inflammatory mediators that induce vasodilation around the lesion and trigger the defense cells to the site that suffered a cut, for example, which will be reconstructed.

When do you need to supplement?

Constant exposure to infectious agents such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, in addition to pollutants and sedentary lifestyle, corroborates the state of chronic inflammation. Thus, the use of anti-inflammatory compounds from food and supplements is a growing need. Fruits, vegetables and vegetables are rich in phytochemicals that, although they do not have all their physiological mechanisms well understood, act in an anti-inflammatory way in the body, assisting in health promotion.


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