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What is it?

Supplementation is made from the use of dietary supplements. The term supplement comes from latin “supplementum” whose meaning is “what fills a container”, that is, what complements something. In this sense, a dietary supplement is a complement to the individual’s dietary needs. Dietary supplements are not defined as medicines, so they do not have the specific purpose of treating, curing, or preventing diseases.

What is supplementation for?

According to the National Health Surveillance Agency ANVISA, dietary supplements have the purpose of providing bioactive substances, nutrients, probiotics and/or enzymes in a complementary way to the diet of healthy individuals. Supplementation can be done for several functions.

How does supplementation work?

There are many benefits related to the use of supplements and these depend on which category they belong to, in the current market there are a multitude of products produced by the industry that should always appear on the label the identification of “food supplement” according to anvisa regulations.

How to supplement?

Supplements are usually indicated by nutritionists and nutrologists and are intended for groups that have some nutritional deficiency or increased needs, such as in the case of people with iron deficiency anemia, children in certain age groups, the elderly and pregnant women. In addition, bodybuilders and physical activity practitioners also use supplementation such as the use of whey protein and creatine. Thus, in view of the multitude of types of supplements, the recommendation and use should be made individually.


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