ChatGPT: what will be the impact on the health professional?

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The GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) is a artificial intelligence (AI) tool launched in late November 2022 by OpenAI – a company that has one of its founders, Elon Musk – and is basically a free virtual robot (chatbot) able to create a conversation with the user or even generate content written from an extensive database and a very accessible interface, this is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is undoubtedly one of the most talked about topics in recent months, considering that it attracted thousands of users in a few days and was able to arouse interest from the great Microsoft – making itself worthy of an investment of billions – and also pointed out as a possible rival of Google. For these and others, let’s look to the future: you need to learn how to use this technology to your advantage.

Technology will never replace the human side of our work, especially in the area of health. However, more manual jobs are getting closer and closer to being replaced. Before, it was very much said in the world of Startups and technology that…

Data was the new oil, but today, asking the right question has never been more important. We can say that the new oil are ideas of solving everyday problems

Because data is already the basis of this AI, now we must think how to use these tools in our doing, because let’s say chatgpt among one of its advantages, speeds up the work we had on Google itself, because in Google you need to type a specific phrase, skip sponsored ads, search among thousands of site, read various stories and then find the information you were looking for. ChatGPT, which gathers a multitude of data, offers you the ready answer, without the need for search and in-depth reading, in front of you.

ChatGBT and Education

One of the agendas that permeate AI is its ability to be a possible threat to learning or not, since, there is the possibility of seeing in this type of technology an opportunity to cheat teaching, using it as a means of finding ready answers to their tasks. In this context, New York banned the system in the city’s public schools and devices.

However, the ChatGPT spokesperson states that “they don’t want the program to be used for deceptive purposes in schools or anywhere else” and, therefore, are already developing measures to reduce damage and help people identify the texts generated by the system. Also, it is necessary to consider that people with intent to cheat in their activities will always exist, so we need to learn how to use it as another teaching tool.

Another limitation is the fact that this AI presents a detail that can be seen as “limitation”because its database was built with information available until 2021, and OpenAI (the company responsible for the production and execution of the system) alerts users that the system is susceptible to failures, and may generate incorrect information and also produce prejudiced or offensive content. Therefore, it is advisable that users confirm whether the answers given by the system are correct or not, with other sources.

ChatGPT and Labor Market in the health area

Scenarios of uncertainties also arise in the labor market, questions a potential “substitution of humans by robots”, but, as in education, this can be a way to give the professional a better orientation to execute their demands. In addition, loose answers do not come from a product or service with human zeal well done, which is possible only by the professional fit for such activity.

Thus, it is necessary to cross the two sides of this AI and recognize the disadvantages and advantages, and it is believed that the positive points are much greater when compared with negative aspects. And yes, he can prescribe diet and teaches the user how to lose weight, just ask the right question. But there is no reason to panic nutri, soft skills such as empathy, purpose, generosity, among others of the health professional, have not yet been and probably will not be replaced. Use the technology to your do, the best strategy not to become obsolete is learning. It can help you produce content, improve
Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) of your site, plan launch strategies, give ideas of what to do in numerous stages of your career.

How do I access ChatGPT?

You must access the
, tap “Sign up” to create an account, then under “Create an OpenAI account”, finally enter an email and password. Currently, the service is not paid, as the system is in the testing phase, seeking to get feedback from users as well as expand database to further improve the platform. However, it is still unclear whether there will be charges in the future or not.

ChatGPT in Practice

It is necessary that the health professional is open to understand its potential in practice as the possibility of using the tool for marketing optimization and branding, transforming technical information into texts for posts on social networks or work materials with a language appropriate to the final public, for example. Or your use to associate information and generate sales or response scripts, expanding your FAQ or customer service support. Another point that you should take into consideration is that the ChatGPT ‘has no soul‘, i.e. this instantly induces you to hone your soft skills – especially when it comes to communication – and thus tornar its brand increasingly humanized which is what, in fact, retains its customer.

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