The best ways to start a lecture

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The opening and introduction of a talk should be like the YouTube ad, where you have only 5 seconds to get attention and if the viewer keeps watching the ad is because it has attracted attention, it follows, or chooses to jump straight into the video of interest. So it should be your introduction to going on stage: impactful so that everyone remains attentive and willing to hear you. For this, there are recommendations on how to improve your arrival on stage. Find out now thebest ways to start a lecture

Common Mistakes when starting a lecture

There are countless ways to present yourself without talking about your achievements, speaking in first person all your merits, just to raise your ball and try to bring authority. Pay attention, it was your authority that put you there, understand that and make your presentation more impactful. That’s because there are speakers of unquestionable authority who do so to this day, including talking about where he graduated from nutrition 20 years ago.

Another common mistake is to admit nervousness by being there on stage. Understand, everyone, even the most experienced feel a certain discomfort and you may even feel, however, do not need to verbalize. Saying that doesn’t cause empathy, it shows insecurity and doubt about your lecture, your knowledge and your preparation.

That way, you communicate being a person without power and without connection. Moreover, due to nervousness, many begin with a low tone of voice, soft and fragile body, that is, it shows a person with an insecure posture or who is not ready for “war”. These, in turn, take time to pick up the rhythm and will perform there to the middle of the class, where half will have already left the classroom.


Tell your story in the course of your lecture. Certainly, between one scientific article and another, you will have the opportunity to talk about the master’s degree that held close to the theme that is being addressed at that moment. It will make more sense and will value you much more if you count that you have done your master’s degree with the author of an article you are exposing, for example.

Do exercises to activate sinestic resources. This will leave you with the energy up there and when you get on stage your presence and authority will be noticed even by those leaving the room to fetch a water. If she hears a good day full of energy, she will first wait for her presentation before going out to do what she would do and, depending on, she may even forget and sit down again.

Leaving the nervousness aside, when you go up on stage, say a good night, quickly thank those you have to thank and introduce a great question or direction of where you will arrive with your lecture until the end of it. Make a quick commitment. Something in a minute. So you will leave everyone impacted and reflecting. While they are seeking answers to the questions raised, you focus on controlling your emotions, resume the lecture Realize that it was not necessary to communicate that you are nervous about being there.

One of the biggest fears of a speaker is how to retain the attention of the audience for the entire time of the lecture. Before that, this speaker needs to understand that he will only be able to retain this attention for a long time if he can start with the basics, attracting the attention of the audience to the beginning of his class. It all starts with a big impact presentation.

Remembering that there are numerous techniques to even make your arrival on stage always in a different way, since many people will watch you over and over again.

To Use In Your Favor when Starting a Lecture

There are a few techniques you can use to your advantage like starting your talk with a story that helps retain your audience’s attention. A good story always has. However, remember that a good story is always composed of concepts of realism, conscious relationship with the theme that will follow forward and an action trail (exposure, climax and resolution).

Also, make your audience think, so as to get the audience excited, “enraged” at the issue raised, introducing a problem in the opening and shaping your lecture to find your solutions along the way. However, make sure that it is a problem that you and the listeners have in common. However, be warned that it is relatable enough to the proposed theme. You can also use imagination, letting the audience plunge deeper, each in their imagination and the realization of a tempting promise can also attract participants to their speech in the hope of wanting something more. However, make sure not to promise too much or too much.


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