Creatine was the best-selling product on the Brazilian Free Market in 2022

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According to the report issued by the Free Market, creatine topped the ranking of most purchased items – a supplement widely popularized in sports and that have recently been used also for therapeutic applicability, such as treatment and prevention of sarcopenia, improvement in diabetes conditions and for health promotion has become popular and is now among one of the most “darling” items of the Brazilian population.

The platform that brings together 88 million users in Latin America, with 3.5 million unique sellers and 36 sales per second, released a report with data related to sales in units, that is, this is not addressed questions about price or billing. Your data indicate stun sales in the auto parts, supermarkets and electronic equipment category.

In addition, with the Qatar Cup the platform recorded an increase in sales of televisions and items for the games, as well as the purchase of albums and stickers. In October 2022, the Free Market pointed to the purchase, in particular, of these two items among the highlights in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

However, the most surprising data is in the list of products most purchased in the Free Market by Brazilians in 2022 (see below):

  • January: masks; beer
  • February: masks; soybean oil
  • March: masks; condensed milk
  • April: beer; creatine
  • May: creatine; LED reflector
  • June: masks; soybean oil
  • July: creatine; LED reflector
  • August: creatine; LED reflector
  • September: creatine; condensed milk
  • October: condensed milk; creatine
  • November: creatine; soap
  • December: creatine; LED reflector

Very interesting, isn’t it?

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