What are the types of creatine?

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Currently there are several sports supplements used for different purposes, and even a single supplement can have multiple versions. This is the case of creatine, one of the nutritional supplements most consumed by athletes and with great scientific evidence. It can be found in three main types: monohydrate, micronized and alkaline. The sports supplement industry offers different versions claiming greater effectiveness between one and the other. However the literature shows us what really works. Understand below a little more about the types of creatine available on the market.

Monohydrate, micronized and alkaline

Monohydrate creatine is absorbed slowly as it goes through a simple filtration process. This supplement is very popular because it is cheaper and has been widely studied by scientists. Micronized creatine, on the other hand, brings faster results because it is broken down into smaller particles that are easily absorbed by the body. The least known of the three options is alkaline creatine, which has a higher pH. This property makes it stable for longer periods in liquid solutions, further increasing its absorption potential. Although there are different types on the market, creatine monohydrous is the cheapest and most effective option.

Both supplements have the same purpose, being micronized and alkaline, variants of monohydrate. However, this goes through a process that breaks down the molecules into smaller particles, so that absorption is faster. However, no study has proven that creatine efficiency is related to absorption speed.

The process for the formation of smaller creatine particles is more expensive, which directly affects the price of the product on the market, making creatine monohydrate a cheaper and equally effective option. Therefore, it is understood that the main difference between the two types has to do with the market price and the speed of absorption by the body, although this is not a fact that directly affects the results.

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